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February 7, 2017

It’s easy to start a new year with new gadgets and gizmos for your home. Maybe you received some new toys over the holidays, or you just wanted to start the new year with a few exciting additions!

But have you also filled your work van and jobsites with new technological ideas and toys for 2017?

Embracing technology

According to KPMG International’s Global Construction Survey for 2016, Building a Technology Advantage (including input from more than 200 senior construction executives), construction companies are not embracing technological advancements.

“The survey responses reflect the industry’s innate conservatism towards technologies, with most firms content to follow rather than lead,” says Geno Armstrong, international sector leader of Engineering & Construction for KPMG in the United States. “Many lack a clear technology strategy, and either adopt it in a piecemeal fashion, or not at all. The rapidly evolving infrastructure challenges of the next decade demands that both owners and engineering and construction firms embrace technology more strategically and at a far more rapid pace than in the past.”

The survey findings

The survey found that only 8% rank themselves as cutting-edge technology visionaries. The majority instead say they are industry followers or behind the curve (64% and 73%, respectively).

The survey also discovered that 67% of respondents cannot obtain fully integrated real-time data on a project by pushing one button; 70% do not use robotic or automated technology; and 65% do not use data analytics for any other aspects of their organizations’ projects.

“Integrated, real-time project reporting is still a myth, rather than a reality for most,” Armstrong said. “That’s largely because firms tend to use multiple software platforms that are manually monitored and disconnected, which severely compromises their effectiveness.”

Start integrating

Technology does not have to be daunting, and it can actually be like playing with toys. You can start by using drone aircrafts, robotics, RFID equipment and materials tracking, and data analytics. Seriously—you get to play with drones, like Matt Leedom, superintendent of Brexton LLC, a general contractor in Columbus, Ohio.

Leedom used a drone to document the progress of a recent retail project, which features Flex-Ability Concepts’ Flex-C Arch, as a way to allow clients to see the project develop and create lasting videos. Brexton has been providing this service to clients for almost two years.

The videos are posted on YouTube and at You can see the Levin Furniture, Avon, Ohio, construction progress on YouTube, and take note of those curves while you watch.

Flex-C Arch was used on the exterior of the building in 13 arches that span lengthwise 21 to 27 feet wide. A total of 132 pieces of the 2″ x 4″ 20-gauge product were used. For the store’s interior, 310 pieces of 20-gauge Flex-C Angle were used on the radius soffits to create curved areas.

Jump in

By integrating technology into your work practices, you can create an unprecedented competitive edge and demonstrate your efficiency to clients. If you don’t leap into the category of “cutting-edge technology visionary,” you might be left behind wondering why jobs are going to someone else.

“Projects are becoming bigger, bolder and more complex—and with complexity comes risk,” Armstrong said. “Innovations like remote monitoring, automation and visualization have enormous potential to speed up project progress, improve accuracy and safety.”

Think about the excitement of unwrapping a new gadget you’ve been eagerly anticipating. Bring that thrill to work with you, and start integrating technology into your everyday practices. Working smarter while having fun and showing clients what you’re capable of is a pretty impressive combination.

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