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August 1, 2017

What You Do Is Newsworthy

We all are, to some extent, creatures of habit. We religiously hit that alarm with the same “ugh” every morning, wake up, get dressed, press a button for a cup of coffee to flow out of a machine and get going—some with more pep than others.

The past few months undoubtedly have been hectic with summer construction starts and planning for fall completions, especially in an improved construction industry. It’s hot, your crews are tired, you’re probably working on Saturdays and you can’t imagine taking on more.

So don’t get mad when we ask you to do just a bit more because this is easy! We want to know what you have been up to and how you have used our products. Email Robert at, or call him at 866-443-FLEX (3539). Our marketing team will follow up with you so we can develop case studies and press releases. The process is easy—all you have to do is talk or type.

It’s All About You

We are somewhat of a different manufacturer because we don’t like to gloat too much. We would rather let the framers and contractors who have experience with our products do the talking. This type of marketing benefits everyone on the design and construction team, and it educates building owners and homeowners about construction methods at a higher level.

The problem is once our products ship, we don’t always hear about the final installations. We want to know more about the cool applications you have with Flex-Ability Concepts’ products. So please add two things to your to-do list—take pictures of your jobs before the drywall or other materials are in place and contact Robert so we can share your installations with construction and trade publications.

Some examples of recent publications are below if you want to see what other great contractors are doing:

View our photo gallery of Flex-C Trac projects
Oklahoma Heart Institute project
Buffalo Thunder Resort
Newark Airport Terminal B
Round 1 Bowling And Amusement
Christ Chapel West Campus
Majestic Nail Spa
Tinker Federal Credit Union
Southern Nazarene University Science Laboratory
Akron City Hospital Emergency Department
Steak ‘n Shake
Mercy Health Center NICU
St. Stanislaus Catholic Church


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