January—A Good Time to Grow

January 2, 2018

From Babylonians paying off debts to the gods to Romans making annual sacrifices to today’s traditions, New Year’s is all about the resolutions. Take advantage of the opportunities for new-year business growth.

For 4,000 years, humans have been making New Year’s resolutions. That is a staggering amount of wishes and hopes, isn’t it? It is believed that the ancient Babylonians, in mid-March for their calendar, paid off their annual debts, made promises and returned borrowed objects to the gods. Then when Julius Caesar created the current calendar and January for the god Janus in 46 B.C., the annual offerings and sacrifices took on a different meaning.

The history of why we do what we do is interesting. But have you ever considered January is a good time to harness the new-start mindset by promoting your business? Make your resolution to grow your business with some of the following ideas.

1. Share Your Story. During this time of year, people innately want to take on something new, and you can be part of their plans. Tell customers your story with your own blog, newsletter or tweets. Create content that highlights your company’s talents and past projects. This will help draw in customers and get them thinking about how to make your company part of their 2018 plans.

2. Keep Up with Google. Stop reading right now, and go search Google for your company name (and then come back). Did you like what you saw? If not—fix it! Google is always changing its algorithms so searches are fresh. With that, your relevance in a search result can change regularly. Ask your website person to address online issues and adjust your website’s content so it meets Google’s trends. Also make sure your contact information is easy to find and accurate. Address bad reviews, and encourage quality customers to promote your talents online.

3. Add Videos to Your Content. Research has shown that marketers are trying to find ways to bring personalized content to customers, and videos are a great way to do that. The 2017 State of Inbound report showed that 48 percent of responding marketers planned to add a YouTube channel and 46 percent wanted to add Facebook videos to their marketing efforts in 2017. Why? Because as people scroll through their content, a video usually makes them pause and watch.

Did that work?

You can easily make a video of your crews completing a cool installation (get approval from the building owner first) and share it on your website or Facebook page. If you want to take it to another level, some contractors use drones as a way to embrace technology and get outstanding project videos.

4. Review Your Pricing. Don’t raise your rates just because it is a new year, but consider if you are in line with your competitors. Talk to trusted general contractors, distributors and your friendly competition to see what’s happening in the market. Construction starts are expected to be up three percent in 2018, according to the 2018 Dodge Construction Outlook. Ensure you are getting paid for what you bring to the table in a growing construction industry.

5. Ask for Help. Just like the ancient Romans used to do in January, now is a good time to pause and look back at 2017. Consider what you did wrong, what needs tweaking and what you nailed. If you don’t know how to improve something—whether it is with accounting, staffing, recruiting, training or new technology—go find help. By doing so, you will be fixing problems and showing your level of commitment to your company and your mission to improve and grow.

Good luck in 2018!


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