Using social media to grow your business

April 3, 2018

Are you capitalizing on social media for your business, or are you just watching videos of cute cats? LinkedIn is a professional way to network and promote what you do.

Making Professional Connections in Social Media

Do you have a LinkedIn account? We do, and we post on it regularly. Our posts don’t receive a lot of likes or feedback, but we do it as an extension of our company goal—to help our customers. We see LinkedIn and other social media outlets as a way to give our customers some tips, ideas and trending news to make their work lives easier.

As a contractor, you can use LinkedIn to network with manufacturers like us and our connections, trade associations and their members and building owners and local organizations. It’s a great opportunity to connect to new people and promote your business.

A Marketing Strategy for LinkedIn

From the small contracting businesses with fewer than 10 employees to large ones with 100 people on the payroll, everyone needs a marketing strategy. Strategies don’t have to be fancy, and using something like LinkedIn is a simple way to get started and stay on track.

The profile matters

Ensure your picture is professional, add your company contact information and write a brief description about what you do. As a business owner, you can have both a personal and company profile. The company profile is key, and it should mention how your business is unique and why someone should choose to work with you.

Make yourself searchable

When you’re writing your profile, add words that pop up in a common search—contractor, framing and metal curves are just some examples. Think about what words a potential customer would use to find you, and then include those in your profile.

Start sharing

LinkedIn doesn’t work unless you use it. An update once a week is enough to keep your page current and your company name in front of people and in Google searches.

Content matters

Saying you’re the best every week isn’t going to cut it. LinkedIn research shows that fresh ideas that help people solve their problems is the type of content that gets followed the most. LinkedIn has a great quote on their site from Laura Ramos with Forrester: “Business buyers don’t buy your product; they buy into your approach to solving their problems.” Before you post something, think about whether it will help a customer.

Follow and be followed

Follow manufacturers like us, trade groups and associations, local governments and municipalities, general contractors and architects. And then invite all these people and all your customers to follow your page. After you finish a project, send over a LinkedIn request to that customer so you stay connected. All these connections create a virtual marketing network for you.

Add pictures

Here’s a cool fact of the day—the brain processes images faster than text. Include a relatable image in your post whether it is from a job site, meeting or event or a stock online image you have permission to use. Give people something to look at so their brain tells them to stop and read your information.

Keep it Simple

Posting on LinkedIn or other social media outlets should not be tedious. Chances are you are browsing the sites anyway, so put that time to use for your business. You need one idea per week to make sure your company name stays out there in a current and professional way.


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