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One of the more lighthearted videos that we like to show our customers is the video introducing our Three Legged Dog. Of course we aren’t talking about our pet dog. As some of you mechanically minded people will know, a “dog” is a mechanical devise that prevents movement. In this case…

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You’ve laid out the prescribed radius, installed your top and bottom tracks, positioned your studs and applied your gyp board over this fine-tuned edifice. Everything is absolutely on the mark and ready for the taping mudders to do their artistic finish.

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Easy Curved Wood Framing

December 11, 2012

So why do we make Quick Qurve, a wood version of Flex-C Trac? Flex-C Trac works with wood studs, so is there an advantage to using Quick Qurve when you are framing with wood? You aren’t the first person to ask me that! Quick Qurve is just plain more compatible with wood framing. First, since…

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How to build a curved wall quickly and easily using Flex-C Trac by Flex-Ability Concepts. How to build what used to be a real pain, For those of you who have worn out countless tape measures and take your tin snips to bed with you, because they’re you’re favorite tool, this video will seem too…

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As much as some framers may yearn for the good old days of straight, plumb and square walls, designers know that curves grab our attention and are also comforting and soothing. So we really can’t blame architects for adding that special architectural touch to their projects. Since someone is going to build that job for…

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