August 2012

Okay, so let’s get into some challenging stuff! One of the most challenging architectural features I can think of to frame, or even figure out, is a groin vault. When you consider that it is just two (or more) barrel vaults intersecting, it doesn’t sound that tricky. But then, just as you think you got…

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With everything going more “Green” except your profits and your bank account, I’ve got a little suggestion that can help you jump on the bandwagon and enjoy it at the same time. Recycling is good they claim, but re-using or repurposing an item is even better! That means that instead of trucking it off to…

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How to build a curved wall quickly and easily using Flex-C Trac by Flex-Ability Concepts. How to build what used to be a real pain, For those of you who have worn out countless tape measures and take your tin snips to bed with you, because they’re you’re favorite tool, this video will seem too…

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