How to Build a Curved Wall

August 1, 2012

How to build a curved wall quickly and easily using Flex-C Trac by Flex-Ability Concepts.

How to build what used to be a real pain,

For those of you who have worn out countless tape measures and take your tin snips to bed with you, because they’re you’re favorite tool, this video will seem too simple! However, remember back in the days when you didn’t have Flex-C Trac and had to build curved walls the old way? Remember that dread as you put on a good face, acting like you could frame anything they could throw at you! And I don’t doubt that you could. But sometimes, we forget how much harder it used to be, unless we’re telling a cub about the “good old days”. (When you could walk in the snow, on stilts, uphill both ways, just to get to work) Well, we made this video for those who are still cutting their teeth on curves and are still a little uneasy about taking on a creative framing job. This video shows just how easy it is to frame a curved wall using Flex-C Trac. And if you’re one of those galvanized old framers, let me know if we left out any shortcuts you think we ought to share.

Happy Curves to you!



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