Barrel Vaults Are Easy With Flex-C Trac

October 29, 2012

Don’t feel bad if you were one of the callers, but I’ve had so many people call and ask me if they should put the arches on 16 or 24 inch centers to build a barrel vault.

I’m always glad I can catch them before they start the framing and let them know they don’t need near that many! If you did try to build a barrel vault by setting a number of Flex-C Arches all in a row, not only would it be rather expensive, but it would also be needlessly difficult trying to line them all up perfectly.

So, Great News! You just need one piece of Flex-C Trac at each end of the barrel vault and then just add your studs, like little ceiling joists, and you’re done framing! The studs are cheaper than using ribs all along the vault. If the barrel vault is longer than 8 or 10 feet, you can just add 2 pieces of Flex-C Trac screwed together back to back to continue it as long as you need.

The framers who did the job in the photos really knew what they were doing! For smaller radii, like in this tunnel to a wine-cellar (really it is), they put their studs/joists close together so the gyp board would bend smoothly without breaking.

Enjoy it, not everyone gets to make fun stuff like this!



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