Easy Curved Wood Framing

December 11, 2012

So why do we make Quick Qurve, a wood version of Flex-C Trac? Flex-C Trac works with wood studs, so is there an advantage to using Quick Qurve when you are framing with wood?

You aren’t the first person to ask me that! Quick Qurve is just plain more compatible with wood framing. First, since it is the same dimensions as a 2×4 or a 2×6, you don’t have to buy studs that are a few inches longer than usual to go down into the metal Flex-C Trac. Pre-cut studs will work just fine. Also, who likes to break out the air nailguns and the drywall screwguns at the same time, not to mention the tin snips and circular saw. It just doesn’t seem right. Actually, it just makes sense and it is a lot easier, when you are doing wood framing to use wood framing tools! Quick Qurve uses the same tools that you already have strung around the site. Just cut it to length with your saw and nail it in place with your nailer. No more difficult than a regular piece of lumber.

So that’s our hope, that we’ve made it just that much easier for you to do your job, so you can look good to your customer as you frame the impossible with a smile!



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