There She Stood!

March 18, 2013

Amazing! Well done! We never cease to be amazed at the creativity and workmanship displayed in the jobs you guys (and gals) send our way (perhaps that’s why they say “ya’ll” in the south, to save time). A long time consultant and friend of our company was planning for a wedding for his son Josh on his land and they decided they needed a pavilion for the proper setting. Sounds perfect to me! So with the same focus and quality he uses in his custom homebuilding, Rocky Turnage, of Turnage Construction, set about to make a beautiful place for the ceremony!

This circular pavilion is 20’ in diameter The columns are 9’ tall so it won’t look or feel short as they enter it. He used our Flex-C Header to make the ring around the top of the columns. One of the most impressive parts of this project, beside the amazing appearance, is the way he secured the Flex-C Header to the top of the columns. You certainly don’t want the header to slide right off the columns, so he made some steel saddles on the top of each column. Set inside these, there’s no way it will fall off! The column covers are fiberglass with foam cornices above for the EIFS coating.

He even bent and welded up the ornamental ironwork dome over the top! Nothing easy about that! But, beautiful, it is! This was actually the hardest part. The Flex-C Header, by comparison, was easier and quicker to shape and install. It comes fully assembled in 8’ lengths, with extra steel hanging out on each end so you can overlap it to make spliced curved headers as long as you like. Just shape it, secure it with screws or nails, make the splices and it’s ready to lift into place. We even have load numbers for the different spans and configurations. Just be sure to read and follow all the instructions. This is over your head, after all, literally!

Just add some lights, some flowers, the perfect evening, the perfect couple and of course the minister, and you’ll have these perfect moments to remember.



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