Could I Please You With A Piece of Pie?

August 19, 2013

A piece of pieWe are talking to more and more of you about the reality of building domes using our Flex-C Trac and our Dome Calculator. If you haven’t seen our Dome Calculator, it’s on our website and if I do say so myself, it is pretty amazing. There is a link to the Dome Calculator at the bottom of this post. You can just type in the size of dome you’d like to frame, and which Flex-C Trac you’d like to use, and voila, it tells you everything you need to know about the dome.

But, as devastatingly amazing as this Calculator is, that’s not what this blog is about! When you get into building a dome, and you’re getting ready to cover the outside or inside with plywood or sheetrock, or whatever, your first inkling will be to cut those pieces just as pie shapes, expecting them to just slap right on there and make a beautifully sheathed dome.

Well, just to save you a tall pile of improperly cut pie pieces, those pie pieces are not true pie shaped wedges. Unless you’re eating a chocolate cream pie or maybe coconut custard, in which case that’s just what it will look like, fat, bulging, pie shapes. They are wider in the middle. If you cut the sides straight, you’ll have little gaps between each triangle, and worst of all, you won’t get as much overlap on your studs through which to screw. You’ll want every bit of overlap to be sure your screws get a good bite in both the skin, whether it’s plywood or gyp board, and the Flex-C Trac.

A piece of pieSo, how do you find this elusive bulging shape? I wouldn’t have brought it up if I didn’t have a great solution! We have full-scale templates we can sell you, as part of one of our “Dome Kits” that show you how to cut your pie so that it fits like a glove. Pie fitting like a glove– some of the un-initiated would say that makes no sense. Anyway, I just wanted to try to save you some heartache and money, in case you hadn’t stopped to ponder the true shape of the skin segments on a dome.

We’re excited to hear of all those domes being framed with Flex-C Trac! Makes us feel good that we’re being successful in our mission, helping you to get your work done easier and better, using Flex-C Trac! Frame on!!


Dome Calculator Link:



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