Mum’s Not the Word!

September 6, 2013

Flex-C AngleHow many times have you seen a product, specifically a building product, and thought, “That’s good, but if only they’d do this or that, it would sure work better!”, but instead of saying something, you are polite and say, “That’s great! Looks Good!’?. Years ago at a trade show, a framer walked up to our booth and said, “If you’d make that Flex-C Trac with only one leg, an Angle version, we’d sure use a lot of it!”

Thanks to his boldness to speak out, all metal stud framers are benefiting when they do a curved soffit job. We’ve had the Flex-C Angle available now for over ten years, and it saves so much time on the outside corners where two components on a curve meet at a ninety degree angle. Soffits, clouds, signs, most any application where you’re building a curvy structure that’s wider than one of our standard Flex-C Trac sizes, Flex-C Angle can tie up your perpendicular, loose ends! We even have it in a sixteen gauge version for when you’re doing those outdoor curved soffits, like over a business entrance, and need the heavier framing.

Aren’t you glad that lone framer took time to point out the obvious to me. Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious, right under our noses, but we just fail to smell them. We’re not discussing whether framers smell good or not, but we know that since you do this every hour of every day, you have a lot of insights and you’ll “smell” a lot of things that we just stumble over.

So, somewhere out there, this unnamed framer, who benefited us all, is still walking around anonymous, unknown. Perhaps it was you, Mr. Framer, reading this, who gave me that suggestion. If so, Thanks from us all! If not, feel free to speak up—call us and point out that obvious thing that would make your job so much easier, like Flex-C Angle.





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