Three Legged Dog

April 18, 2014

The Three Legged Dog is a new and innovative clip that is used in deflection. It is now offered in several different sizes including 1-5/8”, 2 ½”, 3-5/8”, 6”, 8”, and 10”. The Three legged Dog offers 1-3/4 inch of deflection in every size except the 1-5/8” which offers 1 ½” of deflection. The design of the clip reduces the risk of the clip being dropped and fumbled during the installation process. This is because the clip slides over the top of the stud as you lift the stud into place. They won’t fall off as you install them as all other clips can do in this process.

The Three Legged Dog is installed positively in three easy steps. First, slide the Three Legged Dog onto the end of the stud. Second, with the clip on the top end raise the stud into the deep-leg track and snap it into place. And third, secure the Three Legged Dog inside the top track using conventional fasteners. In this step be careful not to tighten the fastener too tight, this would prevent movement. A positive attachment is not always necessary, sometimes a friction fit is enough. The Three Legged Dog can be installed either way.

The Three Legged Dog clip can be purchased from various distributors across the country, to find the closest distributor to you visit our website, or click on this link The link will take you to a map that lists our sales reps and their contact information; they will then direct you to the distributor closest to you. You can also call our office, 866-443-FLEX(3539), with any questions you might have.




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