What kind of jig do you use for a curved track?

November 4, 2014

Curved wallsWhen you need to make numerous pieces of something in the same shape, for instance, a curved track for soffits or walls, you would likely make a jig.

As you know, a jig allows you to create a product repeatedly, accurately and interchangeably. It’s a very efficient way to get the shape you want. Think of it like a key making machine. You use the existing key as a template, or jig, to make the new key. It allows the two to be exact duplicates and yet the process is very easy.

Of course, there are instances when you won’t want to use a jig. It’s usually not worth the effort when you’re only making one or two pieces of an item. It’ll take you longer to make the jig than it would to finish the project. It’s also not necessary when you have a perfect radius – you can simply use some string, a marker, and an anchor point to make a radius in that situation.

There are a lot of ways out there to make a jig. We’ve seen it done all different kinds of ways – some better than others. We’ve probably seen most of them, but there’s probably many more that we’ve never heard of.

Tell us in the comments your favorite method to make a jig. Do you lay it out on the floor? Use sheet rock or cardboard? Use flexible PVC? What’s the most unusual method you’ve seen? How do you lay out your curves?


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