How to frame an arch with Flex-C Arch

January 6, 2015

Framing-an-archLet’s face it. There must be dozens of ways to frame an arched opening. But, rather than discuss all the various methods, we have a product that really does make it easier to end up with that beautiful curved arch we are all looking for.

No more wincing, hoping your customer won’t notice the lop-sided or lumpy job as you do your final walk-through. Just flowing beauty.

And now, we’ve made a little video showing you just how easy it is to shape and install Flex-C Arch in an opening. It’s a really short video because it really is that easy to do. Just draw your desired arch shape on the ground, shape the Flex-C Arch to match the curve, lock it in that curve using the hammer-lock feature tabs and slide it up over the rough framing. And, oh yeah, screw it in place.

It’s that simple. But you know how a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, a little video like this can be worth a thousand pictures. Not to mention the devastatingly insightful commentary that accompanies the visual splendor.

Here is this most valuable video:

It has some good close-ups showing how easy it is to use the hammer-lock feature.

Well, happy framing and grab a small bag of popcorn while you view this short flick.


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