Introducing our Three Legged Dog video

September 1, 2015

Three legged dog installationOne of the more lighthearted videos that we like to show our customers is the video introducing our Three Legged Dog.

Of course we aren’t talking about our pet dog. As some of you mechanically minded people will know, a “dog” is a mechanical devise that prevents movement. In this case its intended to hold metal studs in place while the gyp board is installed and still allow for head-of-wall deflection. The Three Legged Dog makes that process as simple as possible.

The advantage that the Three Legged Dog has over other clips in the field is that it’s incredibly easy to install. You just slide the dog on to a stud before you move it into position and screw it to the top track. It’s practically fumble proof. You’d have to try to drop it!

As you’ll see in the video, other clips did not fare so well.

The video on our YouTube channel and website will show you the proper method of installing the Three Legged Dog, as well as the available sizes.

For more information on the Three Legged Dog, visit our products page or give us a call at 866.443.3539.


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