The wooden curved wall people

February 2, 2016

Quick QurveOf course we love metal framing; it’s what we do. But did you know we also have a wood curved framing product? We created Quick Qurve Plate so your wood framing crews could use the tools they already have to get the job done.

The Right Tool for the Job

Flex-Ability Concepts has been known for so long as the curved wall people—the metal curved wall people. Take a look at our homepage, and you will see a big sparkly picture of one of our metal products, Flex-C Trac. This is accurate as metal is our primary business, and Flex-C Trac is an outstanding product. But we do offer a curvable wood framing product. Can you believe it?

The idea for Quick Qurve Plate came when one of our owners was at a jobsite and saw framers installing metal framing for the first time. This crew needed a few things, specifically a little training, the right tools and the best product for the job. These guys, who were used to handling saws and nailers with wood framing, looked so awkward with tin snips and screw guns. The owner, who also invented Flex-C Trac, had the idea that we could create a wood product so framing crews don’t have to reinvent themselves; we could provide the right product to match framers’ existing skillsets.

Quick Qurve Plate is an extremely easy-to-use plywood framing product for curved framing applications. Similar to its metal counterpart, Quick Qurve Plate is shaped to the desired position, it is nailed or stapled into the pivot area to lock the shape, and then it is fastened into place the same as any other wood framing member. It comes in both 2″ x 4″ and 2″ x 6″ sizes, the same as typical lumber, and it can be untreated or treated.

When using Quick Qurve Plate, we recommend in-line framing. This is when the load members and joists are installed directly over the studs, as is done for a metal stud wall or top plate constructed of multiple layers of plywood. It should be done to prevent the load from being placed on members not designed for axial loading.

Surely most of us have worked on crews with the wrong tools or with tools that didn’t work, and that is nothing but annoying. Your wood framers are going to feel the same way when you hand them tin snips, a screw gun and different screws. While metal framing does have its advantages, if you want your guys to continue using tools and material they are used to, look to Quick Qurve Plate. It puts the right product in your guys’ hands, and it is a great alternative to Flex-C Trac and our other metal curved products.

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