On the Road Again

April 5, 2016

Trade show interiorA few times each year, we pack up and head out for trade show season. We’re going to a couple of expos this year: AWCI’s Annual Convention & INTEX Expo, hosted by the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry. This show is in New Orleans from April 18-19.

Next month is the AIA Expo 2016 in Philadelphia, from May 19-21. These shows have different approaches and audiences, but the goals are the same—to learn from and network with greatness.

At a trade show, we can meet with the people who use our products. We run into people who love all things Flex-Ability Concepts, some who have never heard of Flex-C Trac or our other curvable framing products, people with questions or ideas, and even a few who have complaints.

We’re happy to hear all of it. We want to meet the people who turn our products into something inspiring and can help us improve what we do.

At AWCI, we primarily meet with contractors. We love contractors because some of us in the Flex-Ability Concepts office used to be one. Additionally, contractors are often the people recommending our products; an architect may know he wants a curved ceiling with accent lighting, but the contractor typically is the one who knows that Flex-C Trac is the right way to frame that.

AIA is a great opportunity because of the high level of design presented and shared at the show. It’s an intense event that spotlights the latest inventions and design ideas, with some heavy-hitter attendees and exhibitors. We are just a little fish in a big pond at this show, but educating architects about curves helps improve the entire design and specification process.

Reaching the Next Level

A contractor recently told us that she completed an installation that was the most sophisticated layout her company has ever done. It was a two-tiered cove with a 120-foot-long wave design, highlighted by LED lighting. The architect said this project had the space to take what he had previously done with curves to another level. By doing so, it allowed him to create a “wow” first impression for a retail entrance that turned out to be fun and inviting. To prove our earlier point, it was the general contractor who recommended Flex-C Trac for this installation and the installer said absolutely because she had worked with it before. She knew snipping the legs of a standard piece of track would be cumbersome and time consuming. The architect was on board with Flex-C Trac, as well, because he knew this approach was going to put his sophisticated vision on the ceiling.

This intermingled relationship and sharing of ideas is what makes our branch of the industry work. It also is why trade shows are important to our combined businesses. We get to collaborate and talk about upcoming projects and questions. We get to educate customers about different ways to use our products, and even more so, we get to learn from the contractors and architects in our industry.

Stop By

Our advice is to take advantage of the show and go booth to booth to learn about all the products and technologies. Sign up for classes that will bring your crews needed technical skills or your staff business management overviews. And of course, come see us! At AWCI we are in booth #810, and at AIA you can find us in booth #3105.


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