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October 4, 2016

reading-newspaperTo truly consider a project finished, go one step beyond installation with marketing and promotion. This could be the easiest part of any job. And we can help you take care of it.

Tell Us About It

The majority of framers and general contractors most likely don’t have a marketing team. Your focus is on getting jobs, completing those projects with quality work, retaining and training your crew, and making customers happy. We get that, and we don’t want to add more on your plate.

Marketing does not have to be a chore. Promoting your work actually could be a way to check items off your to-do list.

Marketing Basics

If you want to win bids for more projects, tell building owners or general contractors about the quality of your work. A few months ago we did a blog about how people learn, and one way is via visualization—people often need to see things to learn them. Showing off your projects’ pictures, press releases, and articles is a simple way to promote what you do.

Marketing cannot make an installation perfect; the quality part is up to you. Putting your projects in print, however, does prove the worth of your work.

To address issues with your crews, consider that everyone likes to hear “good job.” If your crews see their work in the local newspaper or in a construction magazine, they are going to take notice. I don’t care who you are—it’s cool to see your name in print. One way to retain employees is by showing off their talents and telling them, via marketing, that they are doing a great job that is worth promoting.

In all the marketing we do, we have not met too many building owners who don’t want their story told. Whether it’s a hospital, school, bank, store or home, your customers feel confident that the end product is the best when you stand behind your installation to the point where you are willing to promote it. Marketing can help keep customers happy.

A Layered Approach

The Hillcrest Medical Center’s Oklahoma Heart Institute in Tulsa is a striking building both inside and out. We did a press release a while ago about this building and the use of 23,000 linear feet of Flex-C Trac and Flex-C Angle that were used to frame the rotunda and entire front façade, as well as create the interior curves and radiuses.

We recently took that a step further by creating a video about the job online. You can watch it here. We do many levels of promotion about your projects, because people want examples of how our products work too. We show them with press releases that are sent across the country and picked up by print and online publications and with videos that can be accessed on our YouTube channel.

Now Do This

Like we said earlier, you probably don’t have a marketing team or even one marketing person. So let our team do the work. It will only take you a few minutes. Here is all you have to do:

  • Take pictures of your Flex-Ability Concepts installation.
  • Call or email Robert Widmer at 866-443-FLEX (3539) or
  • Tell Robert about your installation—project details, what you installed, and other companies you worked with.
  • Repeat for every quality job you want to promote.

A lot of manufacturers like to tell their story about how great their company is and how their products are better than anyone else’s. We would prefer to tell your story—about what makes you a standout contractor. We cannot do that if you don’t share your projects with us.

Now go call or email Robert!


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