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June 5, 2018

At the INTEX Construction Expo last March, we met Jaime Barrera and Carlos Rivadeneyra Amescua with EuroStone. We were so impressed with them and the product that they represent that Flex-Ability Concepts now is selling EuroStone ceiling tiles through its distributor network.

We were attracted to EuroStone because it is a true sustainable ceiling product that meets green building rating program criteria, such as LEED. It is made of non-hazardous, non-fibrous materials and is 100 percent recyclable. EuroStone also is formaldehyde- and asbestos-free. The acoustical ceiling tile is made from inorganic volcanic stone, which gives it a natural alkalinity that does not allow for mold or bacteria growth. If a pipe bursts in a building or a roof leaks, the water will not affect EuroStone’s stability or performance.

The tiles do not sag or stain, even in high humidity environments, like around pools or in coastal areas. EuroStone ceiling tiles are warrantied to remain dimensionally stable up to 120 F (49 C) and 100 percent relative humidity when installed in a compatible Chicago Metallic ceiling suspension system. The tiles are fire resistant with Flame 0 and Smoke 0 UL Certifications.

Standard sizes are 24 x 24 inches at 7/8-inch thick. There are 20 models and four standard colors available, and customization is always an option. Customers have even added logos and corporate colors to the tiles to increase the feeling of school pride or corporate branding.

The tiles can be used in any type of building and are commonly seen in schools, airports, hospitals and public offices because these markets are concerned about sick building syndrome and creating a healthy environment. The product comes with a 40-year warranty. EuroStone’s unique blend of perlite and an inorganic binder results in a life expectancy that far exceeds any tile offered in the industry.

“Other manufacturers make sustainable claims about their products, but because they contain a percentage of recycled paper, cellulose or rag, these tiles are not sustainable and could grow mold or bacteria,” Barrera adds.

EuroStone Ceilings was conceived in England more than 20 years ago. Now owned by a Mexican company, EuroStone has evolved to be more durable and more sustainable. We hope our distributors add to the growth of this company and solid sustainable product.


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