Making a small-business website work

July 3, 2018

You are a master in your trade, but does the thought of building a website stop you from having one? It is very common for small businesses to avoid website marketing, but there are so many tools available today to make website design affordable and easy.

Get help

To get started, turn to a web design professional in your area or look for a free online website builder. You can work with website templates from places like, the most popular platform, with step-by-step instructions.

Own your domain

If you go the free route, ensure your domain name is clear and concise (and you may want to pay for a domain name from another service). Some extensions from a company like WordPress make a website difficult to remember and market. is easier to find and brand than

Create a vision

This is your company and your website, so you should lead the design and content. Start by looking at a few competitors’ websites to see what information they are putting out there for customers, and make a list of what you like and what you don’t like. Build off your list to write your own content, such as pages for your history, projects, specialties and contact information.

Keep it simple

We all have visited websites that are difficult to navigate. Keep your design clean and concise, and write simple content. Visitors will thank you (with project inquiries, hopefully)!

Follow along

If you also are using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, add links on your website to bring visitors to your social media sites. This will make your marketing package more complete. Look to the top right corner of our website for an example.

Make it real

People want to see pictures on social media, and they want the same on websites. Add a team photo or a professional picture of yourself. Also include project images and customer references or testimonials. A picture of a curved soffit will go a long way toward showing your framing ability and inspiring building owners to discover all that can be done with curves.

Be mobile responsive

Searching on a mobile device is outpacing desktop searches. Do your viewers a favor and make sure your website is functional with mobile web viewing. If content doesn’t load quickly, consumers are more likely to leave the site and not return, which means you just lost a customer.

Be engaging

Think back to your vision for the site. What do you want customers to do when they visit your site? Make sure you have easy call-to-action buttons, like for the contact page, visibly highlight any promotions or discounts you offer and keep any forms simple.

Sell online

Clearly selling for a contractor is not the same as retail sales, but your website is a sales tool. Sell yourself, your crew and your company services to recruit new customers and keep people coming back.

Be personal

Tell your story and why you’re in business. Let visitors know why you became a contractor and what makes you more skilled than your competitors.

Websites are powerful marketing tools that enhance a professional imagewhen done right. Make a viewer’s job easy by developing a concise and website with strong navigation.


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