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Socially speaking

September 1, 2020

Social media in the construction industry is tricky. It sadly is not all that popular among contractors as a means of finding or researching business. Yes, contractors are online and use social media. They just don’t use it to its full potential. So why do we blog, tweet and post? Because we hopefully are piquing…

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With each new level of returning to normalcy, society has a lot of questions. How do I shop? Are restaurants safe? Does chlorine in pools kill COVID-19? Can we play sports? And now the question of the month—how do we return to school?

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Green construction may be a fad to some, but it is a way of life for others. It also is a growing construction segment as many municipalities mandate sustainable materials and practices for new and retrofit projects. Working your way through a sustainable project can be challenging if everyone is not on the same page. In May, AIA released C204-2020, Sustainability Consultant Scope of Services, along with an updated D503-2020, Guide for Sustainable Projects. The documents are drafted for a sustainable consultant working with a building owner. This relationship and process is important to every player in a project—even framing contractors and manufacturers.

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Opportunities often come during difficult times. That is if you are prepared for a downturn, recession or, as we now know, a pandemic. Thinking ahead, by considering some of the following tips, could have you operating ahead of the curve.

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Fraud happens

May 5, 2020

Your license and insurance are your verification of your abilities, and they are your safety net if something goes wrong on a job. What happens when someone else uses your license? A friend who is a contractor was at a job when he got an email about a passed inspection. That’s great news, except the…

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A construction worker pulled into a jobsite the second week of March in his work van. He always kept a toilet-paper roll on his dashboard for when duty calls and bathroom conditions or supplies are subpar. Another tradesman jokingly told him he better hide the toilet paper because his van is going to get broken into.

How are we as manufacturers and construction workers going to stay in business during the COVID-19 pandemic? Mild-mannered jokes certainly help. Other actions need to start now so everyone is prepared.

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Starting a new decade brought with it many retrospectives about the accomplishments, trends and disasters in the 2010s. It truly is fascinating to think how much lives have changed in 10 years when they don’t seem all that different day to day. Following are some points we found noteworthy that might change your perspective moving forward, as well as information about how we have evolved.

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The sum of its parts

February 4, 2020

It is impressive that the construction industry works as well as it does, considering all of its segments and moving parts. Manufacturers, installers, contractors, engineers and architects all come together alongside insurance, transportation, construction management and building owner providers.

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A guy steps into an office

January 7, 2020

The definition of collaboration is “the action of working with someone to produce or create something.” In construction, this happens every day, all day. Sometimes the extent of the collaboration is not apparent until you step back from a project to truly appreciate what just happened. Following is one such story.

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What’s trending now

December 3, 2019

The construction industry is experiencing an exciting time, filled with trends that are changing the future. Being prepared for what is happening now and what is coming next could make us all a bit more successful in 2020.

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