Flex-Ability Concepts, Oklahoma City, has introduced Quick Qurve Plate, a new OSB wood framing product that allows builders to quickly and easily frame high quality curves.

Curves can be shaped and secured in seconds using traditional wood-working tools. The OSB sections link easily together to form any length. Quick Qurve Plate is then shaped by hand to the desired position and locked into place using nails or staples. Quick Qurve Plate works with typical wood 2x4s as top and bottom plates. Minimum outside radius is 12".

Quick Qurve Plate is ideal for non-loading bearing applications including curved walls, ceilings, soffits and alcoves. Walls coverings and moldings can be fastened directly to it, eliminating new installations techniques and tools. Quick Qurve Plate is the same thickness as a 2x4. It lines up with bottom plates of straight wall sections so that the transition to curved framing can occur with the same length wall studs. No additional cutting is necessary.

"We listened to the marketplace and heard a real need for this specific kind of solution." says Robert Widmer, Marketing Manager. "We knew our new curvable wood product had to be based on a simple design that was fast, strong and easy to use. We put in a lot of time and energy to develop just the right concept. Quick Qurve Plate makes the carpenter even more efficient simply using his typical wood framing tools. It will be the cornerstone product of our residential line, joining metal products including Flex-C Plate, Flex-C Arch, Flex-C Angle and Flex-C Header."

The new patent-pending product is shipped with 12 two-foot sections (24 linear feet) of Quick Qurve Plate per box.

For more information on Quick Qurve Plate and the Flex-Ability Concepts family of products for both commercial and residential applications, call 405-996-5343 or visit www.flexabilityconcepts.com.

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