Flex-C Header


Flex-C Header

1. Draw the desired curve on the floor or work surface.

2. Position the Flex-C Header on the line to match the radius.

3. Secure Header in this curve by screwing into the top of the header through the pre-punched holes.

4. Slide side sheet metal so that at least six inches of it extends past the end of the curve. This will be used to secure the header to the framing later.

5. Now, fasten the side sheet metal to the wood blocks by installing screws or nails along the sides of the header, three per stud side, one fastener each through the side of the top and bottom tracks, into the header blocks, and one fastener in the middle of the sheet metal and into the block. See Diagram:

6. Before lifting header into place install trimmer studs at each end and prepare temporary middle support stud.

7. Set header on trimmer and temporary middle support stud. Attach header to king studs through the overlapping side sheet metal. Also fasten band to top plate of wall. Install permanent middle support(s) as needed for door and/or window placement. Refer to Diagram: 8. All loads (i.e. joists and rafters) must make contact across the top entrie width of the header.

9. If practical, point loads should be located directly over the stud blocks inside the header. If this is not practical, a wood "2by" or steel plate must be used under the point load, sufficiently long to distribute the load to two or more stud blocks.