Flex-Ability Concepts pioneered the development of flexible framing products. The company was formed in 1995 for the purpose of developing the Flex-C Trac® system, an invention by Frank Wheeler. Patented Flex-C Trac can be curved by hand right on the jobsite and has become the brand by which all others are measured. Flex-Ability Concepts has continued to add new sizes and gauges to its Flex-C Trac product offering. All products are sold through stocking dealers throughout the United States. Products are also sold in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe. Flex-Ability Concepts is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK.

Flex-Ability Concepts, while becoming established as "The Curved Wall People", has proven its commitment to the market with regular additions to their product offering and with product innovations.

May of 1998: Company sales begin with 3 5/8" 20 gauge Flex-C Trac.

Sept. of 1998: 2 1/2" 20 gauge Flex-C Trac is introduced.

Aug. of 1999: 6" 20 gauge Flex-C Trac is introduced.

July of 2000: Sales of Flex-C Angle begin.

Jan. of 2001: D-Flexion Post is introduced.

March of 2001: 75mm Flex-C Trac is produced for international markets.

Sept. of 2001: Sales begin for 2"x4" Flex-C Plate.

July of 2002: Flex-C Header is brought to market.

Aug. of 2002: 6" 16 gauge Flex-C Trac is introduced.

Feb. of 2003: Sales begin for 2"x6" Flex-C Plate.

Sept. of 2003: Sales of Three Legged Dog begin.

Jan. of 2005: Flex-C Arch is introduced with multiple sizes and two lengths.

Dec. of 2005: Introduction of Flex-C Trac: 3 5/8" 16 gauge, 4" 20 gauge, 4" 16 gauge, 8" 20 gauge, 8" 16 gauge, 10" 20 gauge and 10" 16 gauge.

Oct. of 2006: Hammer-Lock feature introduced with the following 20 gauge products: Flex-C Trac 2 1/2", 3 5/8", 6" and Flex-C Angle.

Feb. of 2007: Quick Qurve Plate, Untreated 2"x4" is introduced.

Feb. of 2008: Hammer-Lock feature is added to the following Flex-C Trac products: 3 5/8" 16 gauge, 4" 20 gauge, 4" 16 gauge, 8" 20 gauge, 8" 16 gauge, 10" 20 gauge and 10" 16 gauge and Flex-C Arch.

July of 2008: 2"x4" Treated Quick Qurve Plate, 2"x6" Untreated Quick Curve Plate and 2"x6" Treated Quick Qurve Plate are introduced.

October of 2011: We moved to our new location of 5500 West Reno Avenue, Suite 300, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127.

The Flex-C Trac System provides solutions for curved framing applications that are strong and minimize flat spots. Curved walls, ceilings and soffits are easily built using the variety of sizes and gauges available. D-Flexion Post and the Three Legged Dog allow for deflection of curved walls and straight walls respectively.

Flex-Ability Concepts continues to strive for excellence in its products, its product offering and its relationships between employees, vendors and its customers.