Newark Airport Terminal B

Newark Airport Terminal B

Three types of flexible track products from Flex-Ability Concepts were used in the high-tech modernization of Terminal B at Newark (NJ) Liberty International Airport.

The modernization strategy called for turning a former ground floor parking area—which was taken out of service as a security measure after the 911 World Trade Center attack—into a 70,000 sq. ft. baggage claim space for domestic arrivals. The improvements in Terminal B are part of an overall $279 million renovation of the entire terminal to accommodate growing passenger volume.

More than 7,800 linear feet of Flex-C Trac®, Flex-C Arch® and Flex-C Angle® were used to create extensive curved soffits and radiuses throughout the facility.

Installation of the Flex-Ability Concepts products was done by McCann Acoustics and Construction, Inc., Bloomfield, NJ. “We had all of these ellipses to do and we used all three Flex products on each one. It’s the only way to go,” said Terrence Barry, project foreman. “When we first started the job, we looked into buying a crimper but we would have been crimping the job for months, maybe years. Flex-C Trac really makes it easy—and you don’t need somebody to be an expert at it. It’s easy to install and saves a lot of time and manpower.”

Doug Malcolm, the owner of McCann Acoustics and Construction, Inc., concurs. “I’m a carpenter by trade and I remember trying to bend track. There were just so many radiuses on this job that it would have been nearly impossible to do without Flex-C Trac. The stuff is worth its weight in gold,” Malcolm said.

The general contractor on the project was VRH Construction Corp., Englewood, NJ. The Flex-Ability Concepts distributor was K.B. Elmwood Supply Company, Inc., Garfield, NJ.

Flex-C Trac is made of galvanized steel and is available in 16, 18 and 20 gauges in a wide variety of widths. Flex Lite, a new light duty alternative, is available in 25 gauge steel. Flex-C Plate and Flex-C Angle are both available in 20 gauge.

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